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poll on wordpress blog

September 26, 2006

Rizwan – I found this blog and the results of the polls.

what is interaction design?

September 26, 2006

article online – UK magazine >> What happens when design meets users expectations?

This Thursday

September 26, 2006

Is the only plan to have some written content for Thursday? And are we meeting @ 6, or would maybe 6:30 be better, or are we meeting at all???

And I don’t think i can post on the class blog. When you sign in and the utdixdpodcast shoes up, does the class one too? or is there another way to post on that one? 

ideal – 20 to 30 minutes on length
need to provide weekly report on progress to Dan
eventually post everything to

review class casts:
iStop = mac software
interview with cell phone
when recording, immediately make back up of raw files

then we did a test of the recorder – Dan downloaded and will piece together to make a podcast for us to listen to next week

our ixd podcast: we have outline done so we’re a little bit ahead at this point
blog on blogroll – yes, I posted it on the class blog
use garageband 3 for enhanced posdcasting (images from digi camera)
consider getting interview from Mark Kraemer, a Senior Information Architect at Geniant in Dallas (cone)
for R:
review of soundtrack pro + then Dan went over the next podcast

What’s an enhanced podcast?   Read the rest of this entry »

we can find more loops here

September 21, 2006

online resource: you can download sounds from this flashkit site to bring into flash — so check out this huge archive of royalty free music loops. Perhaps we can then find an intro and related outro with various short tracks to drop in between segments.

September 20, 2006

I think that either way we will be okay, whether we do the group thing or a single moderator. Don’t forget we are meeting at 6:00 before class starts on Thursday. As far as an agenda goes, I would say maybe start laying down in more detail some of our topics/points. The plan from what I can tell is to practice recording so we might come up w/ a quick bit where we introduce the show, so we can all practice talking in a situation like that. We are definitely ahead of the others, but if we stay that way we won’t get overwhelemed and will have a quality show, see you Thursday.

Here is my take on Dan’s comments.  Kyle and Rizwan, feel free to comment.

Dan emphasized that we should do a segment together at the beginning.  The purpose would be to introduce ourselves and to set up a conversational tone. 

He asked if we were going to have a moderator.  He seemed to think that having a single moderator would make for smoother transitions. 

But I also took him to imply that the group conversation could serve in place of a single moderater.  For example, it could sound like the whole group was there, but that the individuals would step up when it was their turn.  The picture I got from listening to him was like a radio drive-time show in the morning, where there is chit-chat, but then they introduce the person who does the news or the traffic.  Frequently the person doing the news or traffic is part of the conversation right before doing the news or traffic by themselves. 

I don’t think he said anything that invalidates our general direction, the outline, or our assignments.   

How to post a blog

September 19, 2006

Here are the steps I took to post to our ixd project blog:

I went to and logged in with the username and password I set up when I got my first wordpress blog.

It displayed a window with a list of all my blogs on the top right side of the page.

I clicked on utdixdpodcast.  (If this doesn’t show up for you, check with Kyle.)

It displayed the dashboard for UTD IxD Podcast…

I clicked on Write, entered my post, and clicked Publish when I was done. 

However, it did flip me into my family history blog one time, similar to what Kyle said last Thursday night.  I don’t know why.  So it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the page title to make sure that you are still in the UTD IxD podcast site.